/Google Plus Shutdown, What’s Next ?

Google Plus Shutdown, What’s Next ?

Google is going down to shut down its Google+ social media platform after massive data breach for the consumers in the upcoming few months. This decision was taken after the massive data breach in the last spring. To be official, Google claimed to shut it down because the user engagement on the service was low and also due to some software error.

This product was launched in 2011 to challenge Facebook Inc. but in return it became the biggest nightmare for the Alphabet Inc. There can be multiple other reasons for which can be considered of the Google Plus withdrawal. These can be:

  1. Data privacy – the biggest failure of Google Plus after a recent massive data breach, the major reason which lead to the shutdown of Google Plus. A bug was discovered in the platform which shares the user’s information.
  2. Google plus failed to engage the audience, according to a blog post 90 percent of Google+ user sessions last for less than five seconds.
  3. The number of alive users is very low.
  4. The business and marketers are the majority of the Google+ users.

Many authorities had questioned with Google about the 7-month silence on the bug, Google answered that anyone had not exploited to gain the user’s data nor misused in any manner. Even the GDPR was not in effect when they found the bug.

So, what can be learned from the Google Plus Failure?

  1. Google plus doesn’t provide the unique experience to the users, as it was developed to challenge the Facebook, instead of focussing on its own unique identity and to disrupt the market with outstanding user experience, Google somewhere lost its charm!
  2. Majority of Google plus users were professionals, which shows the lack to get connect emotionally.
  3. Lack of uniqueness, usability and features. These qualities make the product, software, brand or platform to stand apart from the crowd or apart from the market.

Whats next?

In order to suffice your needs for Google Plus, there are some better replacements that are worth it. Go try out, LinkedIn if you are looking to grow your professional network. Or Instagram, if you are looking to share your worthy images. Facebook, for you social life needs and many more to count on. Even Google’s Duo, Allo, Chat and Meets are better alternatives for chatting and team management purposes barring the social media life. Be prepared for the death of Google Plus!


RIP Google Plus (2011-2018)

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