/Audio Streaming Platform Sparks With Spotify’s Launch In India
Spotify launches in India

Audio Streaming Platform Sparks With Spotify’s Launch In India

Spotify has made its debut in India’s market of audio streaming business and has set a widespread fire among by acquiring the millions of users within the week of the launching. Spotify comes to the world’s second-most-populous country with all-new features that are finely tuned to Indian music fans’ personal tastes. ?

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform, headquarters based in Stockholm, Sweden and listed at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since Feb 2018.

The Spotify provides the premium service as well as free which is served with ads. In the current scenario of India, the audio streaming service is provided by JioSaavn, Gaana, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, YouTube music and was majorly ruled by Hotstar and JioTV streaming services but the introduction of Spotify has raised the combat to the next level and is definitely going to dethrone others.


What Makes Spotify Quirky ?


1. Use your voice or talk to the app to play your song, artist or album. Long press the search tab and ask Spotify to play your favorite songs. This seems exciting!!

2. This feature is available in iOS only. The app allows scrubbing the songs from the lock screen on the iOS devices you don’t need to unlock the screen to change the songs.

3. View Album or artist details, there is a quick way to jump the album of the specific artist without search.

4. Discover Weekly playlist is one of the favorite things in the Spotify. Each Monday Spotify will provide you different songs based on your interest or choice selection. Their algorithm is just like some wonderful magic!

5. Turn on the Private session for the guilty pleasure, as Spotify track your activity to provide you discover weekly playlist. So you can turn the private mode to listen to the songs of different genre or artists (NSFW songs to be precise, you must have got it now).


Spotify Launch in India


Spotify Subscription Cost ?


Apart from the ad-supported free service, Spotify has launched the premium service with a recurring subscription amount in India. For the first 30 days, Spotify’s service will be free with full control and then it will cost 119 rupees (about $1.67) per month. There are also single-day, weekly, monthly, three-month, six-month and annual plans. Similar to other streaming services available in India, Spotify will also offer a free, ad-supported product. The pricing for all the Spotify premium plans is mentioned below:

Single-day: INR 13

Weekly: Rs 39

Monthly: Rs 119

Monthly for students: Rs 59

Three-months: Rs 389

Six-months: Rs 719

Annually: Rs 1,189


In contrast, if we throw light on the subscription packages of other platforms, JioSaavn provides its premium service at  INR 999 for one year. Apple music & Google play music offers annual premium subscription plans at INR 1440 and INR 1188 respectively. The best things of the Apple music & Google Play Music is that they provide the integration among the various other apps of the Android & iOS.

As mentioned above, Spotify is famous for its Discover Weekly Features, But this popular feature is not available in India yet. It offers the more than 4 crore playlist to the music lover in the country and can also be tuned in Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi & Telugu. Introduction of Spotify has definitely made the high competition in the online audio streaming service platforms.


Spotify’s Website & App Download Links ?


You can visit Spotify’s site, or download its iOS or Android app to subscribe to the service and groove to the music. ?



Spotify Desi Hits Playlist ?


For more Indian music, from Bollywood to Bhangra, take a listen to the Desi flagship playlist, Desi Hits. This Desi Hits playlist is the perfect curation of the best touch of Indian music from the Desi heart. ?



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