/Samsung One UI Beta Realeased For Galaxy Note 9

Samsung One UI Beta Realeased For Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has launched its beta release of Samsung One UI for Galaxy Note 9. You ain’t heard about the One UI, well here’s the place you will know everything about it. One UI is an Android-based custom mobile operating system innovated by Samsung for its Galaxy smartphones. It was introduced in 2018, as a beta version that was built on Android Pie for Galaxy S9 series.

Features of Samsung One UI

Night Mode
Night Mode is  built on the full dark theme for which users demand since many times. It can be activated with a simple toggle in the system settings. It will be great features for the peoples who use their phones at night for reading or any other purposes.

One Hand Navigation
You can easily focus on the specific screens or content with one hand as similar to iPhones. The clean and clutter free screen shows the desired content on a single tap.

New Notification Panel
Samsung has stretched its limit and designed the notification panel which can be toggled with a single hand. The new notification panel would drop all the way down with 2 swipes and can be accessed with ease.

Rounded Corner
The One UI added the rounded corners which provide the more pleasing appearance to the content as well as the hardware design. The rounded corners can be seen in elements like the gallery, setting, and in default icons.

Tentative Releasing Date
Samsung confirmed that One UI will be launched with stable Android Pie 9 in an upcoming couple of months, the people who aren’t willing to wait more can go with the beta version of the software. The rollout target will be U.S. India, Germany, South Korea, Poland, China, France, Spain.

Samsung One UI: Made to Focus – Less clutter | More intuitive

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