/Gmail’s material design update, very bright, very white redesign is now rolling out to all devices
Gmail material design update white redesign

Gmail’s material design update, very bright, very white redesign is now rolling out to all devices

From Last few months, Google has updated its user interface for the several products like PlaystoreGoogle Docs, Gmail for web and finally Gmail app‘s new design is rolling out after the Gmail’s web interface redesign.

Gmail users on Android is going to experience the cleaner experience and more other Google products are in the pipeline to get revamped for intuitive and clutter user experience.

The latest design of the Gmail App is very bright, very white that some users may have to use Sunglasses to check their email on their Android devices. (Lol, just kidding!)

The Gmail is now free from the red menu bar on the top of the screen and it is replaced by the whiter colors. Google has cleaned the design and has made the screen less crowded, more minimalistic and much simplified.

Google is using the Gmail theme color to highlight the Malicious or threats email in your inbox and gives you the warning if any phishing or virus attack activities. This means you are less likely to click such types of emails. Kudos Google, Good Job!

Seems Great! Hold on there is much more…

Now, for the attachment aspects, there is the attachment preview. It allows you to access the file without opening the email as similar things in the Gmail web design. There is also a search bar embedded on the header and enables you to switch to multiple accounts by tapping on the account icon.

The email content layout also appears somewhat different than the previous one. Google is introducing its Google Sans font, which was seen on the recent pixel phones in the Gmail App.

The overall white stark background of Gmail app has removed the classic colors and familiar appearance. Things like photos, documents, and other attachments will display in the conversation which makes access much easier. Even the Compose an email has replaced with the multi-colored “+” icon.

The new design of the Gmail app is rolled out for the Android and iOS users and you can expect the new design of other Google apps in the upcoming time. The Google UI design will be the major topic for the concern in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. If still, you cannot experience the new design of the Gmail app you may have to wait a little bit as an update is beginning to roll out and maybe not possible to appear in every single device at same time.

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