/Google Playstore Redesign Rolls Out, Know What’s New!

Google Playstore Redesign Rolls Out, Know What’s New!

Did you notice the new layout of your play store on your android device? If not then look at it. If not then yes, you will notice the changes, yes Google has redesigned the play store.

The green title and notification bar, replaced with white background. Most of the segment of the play store is revamped with the white colors with a wider Install button.
Fro this update surely you have to make some changes in your App store Optimization activities. The new design of the play store aimed to boost the apps discoverability and also provides more information.

So what are the major changes?

  1. Said BYE BYE to Features Banners
    The features banner which contained video consumed the large portion of the screen. Well, its a smart move as the majority of the users don’t click on the PLAY sign and hence Google has added the video segment in the screenshot panel.
    This design helps users to extract the more informations such as publishers, title, app icon, reviews, screenshots, etc.
  2. App Screenshot Became core Element
    In this Google Play Store Redesign, the screenshot has acquired an important position with the slider preview. The major change is the regarding the screenshot gallery size.
    If you upload the horizontal preview, the screen will automatically resize for the app preview. Thus users can easily navigate for the proper information about the apps.
  3. Similar to ioS App Store
    The Google play store redesign made similar to the iOS app store with no featured image, pure white, less description, video preview as the segment of screenshots, etc.
  4. Bold, Clean, Minimalistic & Modern Interface Design Approach
    The Redesign revolves around a complete colourless user interface which is built on clean, minimal and modern design trends.

We cannot say that its completely similar to iOS App Store, in fact Google Play Store has the different core and have different behaviors.

Google Play Store redesign has given the reason to the app development companies to update their ASO strategy or to have a fresh start and to boost the user experience of their customers.

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