/Gutenburg WordPress editor – Classic WordPress editor might soon get a refresh!

Gutenburg WordPress editor – Classic WordPress editor might soon get a refresh!

From past many years we have seen the same layout of the WordPress that ain’t have changed much. Well, changes always happen to make something better and for a better cause or maybe in some cases it can be a disaster too, in this case users decides the results. So in the coming future with the next major update of WordPress, you will see the new WordPress with Gutenburg WordPress Editor.

What is Gutenburg?

Gutenburg is a new visual editor on the WordPress that helps any user to build a page or a post using block elements. It is named after the printing press inventor Johannes Gutenberg. the target is to make things easy from the development side. Gutenburg is made with modern technology and designed for the compatibility.

You can download the latest version of Gutenberg from WordPress inventory or by searching for it within the dashboard under Add New Plugins. For now, it’s available as a beta version and the WordPress team is pushing this to every WordPress user to try this beta build and help make them better in case we want to experience it, or else they will push this in the next major update of WordPress. Aforesaid, this version is in the beta phase and soon Gutenberg will be rolled out as a default editor in the coming future. If you are already an user of Gutenburg editor, do let us know what are your thoughts on it in the comments section down below!

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