/Microsoft Shift to Cloud By Redesigning the Office Icons

Microsoft Shift to Cloud By Redesigning the Office Icons

After half of the decade, the head of Microsoft Office Design – Jon Friedman revealed the new design of the Microsoft office icons. Microsoft took this step to match their steps to the fast-moving digital world and to mostly reflect its move to the cloud. Each design of the icons boasts its characteristics loudly and clearly.

Friedman sees it as a major product revolution, the icons have become more clear. The Excel has a rectangular icon which denotes spreadsheets, PowerPoint icons with the pie chart. they mainly focus on the team collaboration to synchronize the office work.

Microsoft initiated to focus on the other platform such as iOS, macOS, Android, and web apps to deepen its roots with unique and different designs. The new design looks much bolder and user-friendly, which shows that Microsoft cares a lot about their design system by redesigning the Microsoft Office icons.

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